Arrange your Dutch M-form with a simple questionnaire from this company near Nijmegen

If you have just emigrated from the Netherlands or have immigrated to this country, you might have received a notification with the request to file your tax return. This can be quite a difficult task, as you have to fill out the so-called M-form on paper. Especially if you do not speak the Dutch language, it is advisable to have the M-form filled out by Witlox International Tax Advice, a company near Nijmegen that specializes in arranging all matters expats have to deal with.

This specialist aims to make your experiences as an expat as pleasant as possible

As an expat, you will have to deal with a lot of matters regarding housing and taxes. You will need to find a suitable place to live, possibly have to find a school for your children, and you also have to arrange work permits and visas. During the first year of your stay, you will also have to deal with the M-form, a form that is required to file your tax return. This only applies if you have not lived and worked in the Netherlands for a certain part of the year. If you did stay in the Netherlands the whole year round, you can simply file your tax return digitally via the regular system. Witlox International Tax Advice’s mission, located near Nijmegen, is to make your experiences as an expat as pleasant as possible, which is why their specialists will happily assist you with filling out the Dutch M-form.

Feel free to reach out to this company

With the tax consultants of this company in Oss, near Nijmegen, you will not experience any troubles regarding the Dutch M-form or other tax-related matters. Feel free to reach out to them by calling the office. You will then be asked to complete a simple questionnaire, after which a consultant will arrange your tax return from start to finish.