New England Patriots win the Super Bowl

Madden NFL 18 predicts that the winners of the Super Bowl LII will be The New England Patriots.

The New England Patriots claim their sixth Super Bowl title by beating the Philadelphia Eagles in the official Madden NFL 18 simulation. Another season of the NFL is coming to an end, with the championship game the only one left in the calendar. The Patriots, last year’s champions, hope to repeat, as they will face an upstart Eagles team that recovered nicely from a 7-9 season in 2016. Both teams were the best in their respective conferences, ending the regular season with identical 13-3 files.

As we get closer to Super Bowl Sunday, moviegoers are interested in knowing which movies will release their advances during the broadcast, but many people will be tuning in just to see who wins the game of soccer.

Since the confrontation was established, there have been a lot of predictions, and now the ever famous Madden NFL video game has influenced his own opinion on how things could be.

According to EA’s annual simulation, New England emerged victorious with a score of 24-20. Quarterback Tom Brady won the Super Bowl MVP for the fifth time in his career, throwing for 342 yards and three touchdowns. Despite that performance, the game was finally decided by a defensive play by the Patriots, Stephon Gilmore, who deflected a last-second pass to seal the victory. Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski, apparently recovered from his concussion (mild head injury), and led all receivers with 107 yards and one touchdown.

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