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Supermarkets will no longer be allowed to sell tobacco from 2024, gas stations will follow later

The sale of tobacco in supermarkets will be banned by 2024. The Council of Ministers wants to decide that tomorrow, several sources from The Hague confirm. First, online sales will be banned from 2023. The measures are an elaboration of the national prevention agreement, which states that the number of tobacco outlets will decrease in the coming years.

After 2024, the sale of smoking products will only be allowed at petrol stations and tobacco shops. Eventually, the gas stations will also be banned, but that will not be before 2030, according to the insiders. The amendment to the law will be made after consultation with CBL, a private association of and for supermarkets and food service companies, and with the petrol stations.

Prevention Agreement

State Secretary Blokhuis (Prevention) has already declared war on smoking at the start of this cabinet term. Not much later, he concluded a broad prevention agreement in which it was agreed that children will no longer start smoking by 2040. e cigarette store is cheap. And that pregnant women no longer smoke. It also states that the number of smoking adults must fall to a maximum of 5 percent (now just under a quarter).

Blokhuis is sticking to it for the time being: the national government has increased the excise duty on tobacco from 1 April 2020. Cigarettes, shag, cigars, e-cigarettes and related products can no longer be seen at points of sale, such as supermarkets. Furthermore, the packaging is given the same dark green-brown colour. It has also been arranged that all school grounds will be smoke-free from the 2020-2021 school year.

Number of points of sale down as soon as possible

The Health Funds for Smoke-Free (a collaboration between the Heart Foundation, KWF Kankerbestrijding and the Lung Fund) are pleased with the proposal. “The number of places where tobacco is sold must be reduced as quickly as possible. At the moment, children are confronted every day with the deadly and highly addictive product, which is still available in supermarkets, among others. If we want to reach the smoke-free generation together, selling tobacco in places where children come is unacceptable.”

Ultimately, tobacco sales will only be allowed in specialist shops, is the intention. Manufacturer Philip Morris – known for brands such as Marlboro, L&M and Chesterfield – wants smokers to be given the opportunity to be well informed about less harmful, smoke-free alternatives. Where to buy e liquids online cheaper? “The three million smokers in the Netherlands are entitled to this information.” In addition, the company points out the importance of strict compliance with the age limit.