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The best products to increase the milk production in cows

Kimtec International has over 25 years of experience in the development, production, and improvement of feed additive to increase the milk production in dairy cows. These experts are always exploring new ways to improve your company, without ever compromising your animals’ health. Some of their most popular products are used as dairy feed supplements. Their goal is to reduce calcium deficiency after calving and thus prevent ketosis which may lead to milk fever. Milk fever is known as one of the causes for early death in dairy cows. Kimtec International has developed different product ranges.

Which product range suits your needs?

The experts over at Kimtec International have developed different products to increase the milk production in cows. The first one is ProGlyc®, a feed additive that effectively stabilizes the blood glucose for dairy cows. This is necessary when cows are calving, as this high milk production may trigger massive body fat mobilization and high ketone body concentrations. By stabilizing the blood glucose levels, ketosis and thus milk fever is prevented. A different product range is KatAn®, ammonium chloride parts that are used to improve the calcium production of your dairy cows. This is a way to increase milk production in cows without the risk of milk fever.

Explore the opportunities with one of the experts

If you have personal preferences in regards to the development of the feed additives, do not hesitate to contact the experts over at Kimtec International. They are more than happy to discuss the possibilities with you. It is even possible to have products customized so they completely fit your needs. Do not wait any longer and schedule an appointment with one of Kimtec International’s experts. You can find the contact information on their website. Discover what needs to be done to increase the milk production in your cows.

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